2nd Denton & South Heighton
"Ralph Reader's Own"

The Scout Troop



The Scout Troop meets on Friday evenings from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm unless different timings appear on the calendar (you need a Group password for this - please log in via the Group page). We try to run special events as well - again, please see the calendar.

The Troop is comprised of Patrols of between 4 and 6 Scouts, each led by one of the older Scouts chosen for the job. Increasingly we want to give these guys responsibility for programme planning and running events. Your co-operation in this would be gratefully appreciated - by them as well as the adult Leaders. The Troop is as active as they and we can make it, and weather permitting we aim to be outdoors.


For many outside activities permission forms are needed for safety and protection reasons. These may be a nuisance but they really are essential. They need returning in good time and a deadline is always given. We cannot accept a Scout on a permit-necessary activity unless the permission form has been returned by the due date. Please help us to avoid disappointments!


Scout Leader, Bill Sholl: SL@2ndDenton.org.uk.
Assistant SL, Richard Wright: ASL@2ndDenton.org.uk.

Forthcoming Troop events
No events.